So you’ve spent time and effort listing your house just to have it sit on the market. Now you wonder what you can do to attract more buyers and ultimately sell your home.

Luckily, there is a great cost-effective remodeling option that is proven to help homes sell at a faster rate. Now, whether you want to remodel to sell, rent, or even just increase the value of your property without spending a fortune on demolition costs; we will take a closer look at why an updated kitchen counter, bathtub, or sink can add value to your property.

A bathroom and kitchen are one of the top focal points of a home, think of how often you spend time in these areas every day. How many times you have friends and family over. Your kitchen is a common area that brings people together, and how many times do you and your guests go to the restroom. We’ve all been that person to check out the details in a home, so changing the look will drastically change a person’s perspective on the value of it, so why not make it appear luxurious without spending thousands.

When you think of remodeling, one of the first things that comes to mind is money. We don’t all have tens of thousands of dollars in our pocket to change the entire look of a bathroom or kitchen. But what if I told you that you don’t need thousands of dollars to do a drastic, and inexpensive change to your home. Yes, you read correctly… you don’t need to spend a ton of money to revamp. A cost-effective way to change the look of your bath and kitchen can be done by refinishing it. So why not replace it? Replacing can be quite costly, time consuming and hazardous if you have construction workers in and out of your home for weeks, sometimes months. Depending on what look you’re going for and how detailed you want your project to be, refinishing is an excellent alternative to getting your desired look without making a huge dent in your pocket. Not to mention, refinishing can be done from start to finish in just days, and without all the mess!

According to an article in Remodeling Magazine, “A minor kitchen remodel will recoup 80 percent of its cost, while a major midrange kitchen remodel only has a 65 percent return on investment”. This goes to show us that you don’t need to fully gut out every room in your home to increase its value. Minor changes quickly change the entire atmosphere of a home, allowing for a better return on your investment, and a home that is going to sell faster than you think. Just remember, this is your home, and your remodeling project.

You have the information, you’ve read the facts on remolding, it’s ultimately up to you to make the deciding factor on what changes you should make for a better project, a great home, and a better return on your investment.